Shopping for a new video creator?

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Are you shopping for a new video creator? The guys at are proud to announce the impending launch of the

With this bad boy you’ll be blasting out 30 second advertisements for offline clients in under 90 seconds flat! It is the first cloud based video creation software that has hundreds of preformat templates that you can simply ‘plug n play’ with your tailored info. It really is that simple! So go and check out their ez video creator review and find out how simple making your own video advertisement can be.

You’ll be posting videos up on youtube faster than you can say ‘jack robinson’ with this baby.

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How to relax after a hard days shop

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Following your passion for fashion can be hard on your body. Sore feet, aching muscles and painful back. There is nothing quite like a remedial massage to restore you body back to full health. The faster you feel better, the sooner you can get out shopping again! So here are some great massage tips for relieving your pain:

Phil is a Maitland Massage Therapist who loves help his clients. In this video he shows you how to perform a massage on your back using trigger point therapy and also discusses how you can identified the source of pain in your back by touch.  A leg and foot massage can relieve your painful legs and get you back shopping sooner.


So what is trigger point therapy?

Trigger points are irritable “knots” in muscles that are tender when you press on them. However, the important aspect of trigger points is that you usually feel the pain somewhere else. This is known as referred pain. If you have pain in the front of the shoulder, for example, there are many muscles which could be the culprit. The masseur has to be a detective to track down the trigger point causing the pain. Expect a good practitioner to refer to charts from time to time, as there is way too much to remember regarding the patterns of referred pain for the 700 muscles in the body!

Trigger points are further complicated by the fact that satellite trigger points develop in areas of referred pain. Thus you can get a domino effect. One muscle has a trigger point referring pain elsewhere. In the referred area, a new trigger point or two develop, which refer pain elsewhere again, and satellite trigger points develop here, refer pain elsewhere and so it goes on.

Trigger points don’t limit themselves to referring pain to other muscles. You can feel the pain in joints, for example. Trigger points in the sternocleidomastoid muscle can cause you to experience headaches, toothache, earache, dizziness and sinusitis, without giving you any pain in the muscle itself – except when you work the trigger points in the muscle, when you will know all about it!!

You can find more out about remedial massage at Phil’s website:

19 Fashion Hacks every Girl should Know

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Want to look great on a budget? Here are 19 Fashion Tips and Tricks every girl should know: